5 ways you can change the world
from your computer

7. maj 2020  |  Caroline Tranberg

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How do you stay an engaged, empowered citizen, while staying safe from the coronavirus and at home? Here are 5 ways. Help me add more ways to the list, by writing your own suggestion in the bottom 👇

Caroline Tranberg

Caroline Tranberg

I am 28 years old and a journalist and editor at Spektrum, which is a political youth media in Denmark.

I write, film videos, make quizzes and publish debates about politics in Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world.

Can you change the world with a picture and a hashtag? Every Friday young climate activists all over the world share pictures on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #digitalstrike. That is instead of physically striking in front of their schools – a strike that Gretha Thunberg began back in august 2018.

If you want to strike for the climate (or something else), you just need a piece of paper, a great climate-quote and a camera. You can also make your own hashtag – and start a new movement. 

Now is the time to sit down and write about your favourite (political) topic. Do you think your country handles the corona crisis to perfection – or the opposite?

Spektrum is a platform for opinions from young voices. Send us your opinion piece at, then we will help you present your argument in order to get your voice heard by the politicians.

Do you or the organization you are a part of have an idea for a new European law? Then the “European Citizen Initiative” might be something for you.

Once an initiative has reached one million signatures, the Commission will decide on what action to take. 

Since 2013 five proposals have made it all the way, including an initiative called right2water which ensures that water remains a public good.

Debating on social media can be quite scary, since the audience is huge. Try searching for groups debating topics of your interest.

If you are into European politics, EYE (Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs) is a great site. During the corona crisis they host online debates, where you can ask questions to decision makers in EU and other young Europeans.

I have moderated a debate about e-democracy with a member of the European Parliament and the CEO of the democracy platform CitizenLab. Watch or rewatch their discussion here.

Different websites allow anyone with a computer to start a petition for your cause – or support petitions made by other people.

On the websites, and 38 Degrees all you need to write is your name and e-mail to start your own campaign. Many NGO’s also run campaigns which you can sign online and  start making an impact. 

Background: Corona shut down the world

A coronavirus, that make us ill with COVID-19, has spread around the world. 

March 11 the Danish primeminister shut down Denmark as one of the first european countries – to stop the virus from spreading too fast.

Do you have another suggestion – how to engage online? Send us your idea and then we might add it to the list!

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